Charitable Impact Statement

We at Abbey Street are committed to charitable works and the positive effect they can have on our community. We share our time, talent, and treasure to help enhance the communities we serve.


Time.  We dedicate time away from the office to nonprofit organizations, foundations, and community service.  We participate in volunteerism together where our team steps out of the office and spends the day with a local nonprofit or volunteer organization to provide much-needed assistance to help that organization achieve its goals. We consider our non-profit and volunteer work to be essential to our core values.

Talent.  Believe it or not, we have talents that stretch beyond our day jobs. We believe in putting these talents to use for the benefit of others. From youth athletics, to financial know-how and everything in between, we try to improve our community by offering our talents to help shape the communities in which we live and work.  We are members and leaders of non-profit boards, committees, and event management.  We put our talent to work to advance the Vision, Mission, and core values of these organizations.

Treasure.  While time and energy are certainly valuable resources for community service, sometimes the best help an organization can receive is money. That is why Abbey Street is committed to annual charitable giving campaigns. We offer financial support – from donations and sponsorships to fundraising and marketing assistance – to our community organizations to help them reach their financial needs.